Eric Huey 
Co-Owner Eazy Money Productions & Music Composer. (Over 15 years experience in Music Industry)

Alana Louise  (Alexa Monroe)
Co-Owner Eazy Money Productions & Legal/ Booking Manager. (8 years experience in Music Industry)

A&R and MC

(12 years experience in Music and Management )

Alannah Jaye 
Choreographer & Stage Manager

( over 15 years experience in Dance)

About Eazy Money Productions


Eazy Money Productions was created in 2011 but was not launched until the 25th October 2012. Founded and created by  Eric Huey and Alana Louise (Alexa Monroe).

Eazy Money Productions is an international record music Label with a roster that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars.

Beats are created and established by "Eazy" to suit artists needs. E.M.P looks to assist upcoming and well known artists to achieve the ultimate beat to their  lyrics and ideas.


​Collaboration and Communication is the key to success.


© Eazy Money Productions (Business Name and Logo) is Internationally Copyrighted with Copyright-Australia.  All rights are reserved. 

About Our Producer/ Beat Maker


Eric Huey (born May 16, 1989),in Chicago, Illinois.

Eric known as EazyE, Eazy money Production Music-producer. He is an American music producer/beatmaker/Sound Engineer whom now lives in Australia. 

In 2003-2005 "Eazy" was a successful drummer in a drum-line at Willow Canyon in Arizona. Ever heard of the movie "DRUM LINE"? Drum line was actually based on Eazy. Eazy was played by Nick Cannon known as "Devon" in the film.

Eric now produces a variety of music, particularly Hip Hop/Rap, Reggaeton , R&B and Pop. 

In 2011.... Eazy started to make beats using a piece of software called "BeatsPro" He’s been engaged into music intensely for several years. Big interests into music made him learn how to play instruments as the drum/piano/keyboard by his own - without having any music lessons. Today he is realized as a producer/beatmaker and songwriter. He combines different styles and genres, and makes music experiments to make his work interesting, good and unique. He still keeps on educating and exploring new ways to make his music even better and different, believing that there is always space for progress and authorial maturity. From 2012 he sells his music individually, which gave him the opportunity to meet many musical artists, and deepening knowledge of music.

Inspirations have come from many artists such as Usher, 50cent, Eminiem, Chris Brown, Pink, Lil Boosie, Lil Wayne, Bow Wow, Trey Songz, George Gershwin, and many more....

Dj Nath-K

( 6  years experience in Music)

J Reel
Sound Engineer
Based in North Carolina

( Over 19  years experience in field)

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Created by Eazy Money Productions TM 

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